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Many people are looking for the best money making sites, and sometimes, the answer might be in front of you. Out of all money making sites, you’ve come across this blog – the ultimate online blog that overshadows all the other money making sites because it offers the best and most updated news and tips.

Here, you’ll learn that earning and making money are two different things. In order to earn money you need to work hard. In order to make money – you need to work smart.

So, to do the latter, you need a few money making sites that will give you the boost you need, and the rest – is up to you. So, stay tuned to the best amongst the best money making sites – Felipe Gregorio blog, and let us help you unravel the secrets of how to make money online in a manner of seconds.

About Felipe Gregorio

Some people work 9-5 jobs busting their backs in order to make a decent living, but that seems so 1950’s right. Today, with the internet, there are countless of options for making money without doing too much work, which is how Felipe Gregorio did. Making money fast is easy – you have probably seen the Felipe Gregorio cigars review – it takes a couple of minutes to take a shoot of a video, a few hours preparations before that, and a few hours to actually edit and place the video online – simple as that, and this wins you money.

This is exactly what Felipe Gregorio as a person does. Felipe Gregorio sees what the online community needs, sees how it can be monetized, and eventually – makes it real. A simple Felipe Gregorio cigars review might not sound like too much, but hey, it brings the money on the table.

So, in essence, if you didn’t know who Felipe Gregorio is, let us tell you. An expert on how to make money online without doing the work. The online world allows it, and it is really possible for a person to make a fortune out of regular tasks online. However, not everyone can do it, in order to be successful at it, get the best ideas, especially with the fast overturn of the online events, you need a money-making guru – like Felipe Gregorio.

Top 10 Ideas How to Earn Real Money Fast From Your Home

The most important thing about making money from your home is being adaptable and comfortable with yourself. Of course, you need to get out of your comfort zone a bit, but then again, it is totally worth it, because it pays off in the long run. Here are the top 10 ideas on how to earn real money from your home, online:

  1. Start a blog (cooking, travel)
  2. Start an online business (consulting for example)
  3. Affiliate selling
  4. Refer friends
  5. Answer surveys
  6. Download and install apps that you get paid to install
  7. Test websites
  8. Become a virtual assistant
  9. Become a copywriter
  10. Tutoring

The Best Online Money Making Sites

If you want to make money – you need the best money making sites you can find. However, there are so many so-called “money making sites” that are there to scam you and put you in debt instead of helping you make money, so you are probably confused. But don’t worry, we’ve come up with a list of the best money making sites you should look for online for the best tips and ideas.

Mechanical Turk

This site is run by Amazon, and you do simple tasks in order to win real money prizes that will earn you a decent pay.


Doing nonexplicit videos on any topic will get you a long way if you get the popularity on Youtube, especially if you enable advertisements on your videos.


If you are a freelancer and want to win money – you can go here. Build your portfolio and earn a decent pay!


If you like taking photos, you can make tons of money out of it. Just post your photos and publishers will purchase the rights of them.

No Deposit Online Casinos

If you are a type of person who likes winning money prizes while having fun playing great casino games, legal online casinos that offer no deposit casino bonuses are your best choice. You can take advantage of the no deposit casino bonuses and other casino bonuses because of the very fact that legal online casinos give them out. Using the online casino bonuses, you can conveniently play at mobile casino apps and online casino sites, and win money prizes while playing casino games for free. It doesn’t get any better than that!

This website is great place for Canadians to find free no deposit bonuses from the top online Canadian casinos.

Other Casino Bonuses

Canadian online casinos, besides offering no deposit bonuses, offer different types of rewards that attract players. Some of the other incentives include match deposit bonuses, reload offers, cashback rewards, loyalty programs, and VIP rewards. Each of these rewards is designed to provide players with additional benefits and enhance their overall gaming experience.

For instance, welcome bonuses are typically offered to new players as a way to encourage them to sign up and start playing. The match deposit offers are giving the players extra money to play with based on the amount they deposit into their gaming account.

There are operators that offer a multiple-deposit bonus that is distributed throughout the first few consecutive deposits made by the player. Speaking of that, players will find that the second deposit bonus is a great promo to take advantage of and increase their chances of winning.

The reload bonus and the cashback bonus are designed for existing players and are meant to reward their loyalty and keep them engaged in the game. Loyalty programs and VIP rewards, on the other hand, are typically tailored for high-rollers and frequent players who spend a significant amount of money on the platform.

Every bonus has its own rewarding features and benefits that players can take advantage of. But despite the benefits, there are some potential drawbacks and limitations that players can find in the T&C section. The Terms and Conditions should be carefully read before claiming any of the abovementioned bonuses.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

These conditions should be carefully read and understood before accepting any bonuses or rewards. Every bonus has specific requirements and restrictions that must be followed in order to fully benefit from it.

Some of the main requirements and restrictions include wagering requirements, maximum bet limits, and expiration dates. It is important to thoroughly review and comprehend these terms to avoid any potential losses or misunderstandings.

App Marketing: How to Make Money from Apps

Many app developers understand that it is important to promote their apps, and app marketing is one of the easiest and most fun ways of making money from apps. So, the most cash you can possibly make is by promotion of mobile casino apps. After all, they are the most top rated mobile apps, and gambling is one of the most popular gaming industries in the world.

Obviously, mobile casino apps are great because they are exactly the same as regular legal online casinos – you get to play casino games and win real money, but now with the extra convenience of playing from anywhere, using you mobile phone. And, you can get great cash from promoting them. If that seems intriguing to you, Royal Panda casino is a great establishment where you can play casino games and also promote them. It has a big selection of games and a generous online welcome, no deposit and reload bonuses for players that you can promote.

Freelancing Tips for Beginners and Experts

Whether you are completely new to freelancing and doing something for yourself or if you have a few things in your mind but still are looking for tips and hints on how to do it better, we have a list of advice that you’ll find helpful:

1. Use reliable freelancing platforms

2. Have a standardized payment method

3. Don’t avoid taxes – you’ll get in trouble

4. Stay away from malicious activities

5. Know your worth and charge for it

6. Keep a regular working schedule – especially if you are doing this full time

7. Always improve your knowledge

8. Work ONLY when you have a contract

9. Get upfront deposits from new clients

10. Use the technology to ease up your life (Excel, Trello, timetable and organization apps)

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