All Cigar Access llc – About Us


Founded in 1990 Felipe Gregorio Cigars, is the true boutique cigar maker, we have stayed small investing in quality and dedication

to the cigars we produce. We specialize in limited batch cigars using vintage tobaccos, each blend is unique in its character.

As a cigar maker for over 25 years my respect for the origins of the tobacco and genetically pure seeds has led me to pay special
attention to the raw material we use, “what makes a cigar exceptional is the tobacco used in the blend” Like a great wine the leaves

used to make a cigar needs to have the identity of its birthplace and the earth it sprung from. The soil brings out the original

characteristics of the blend.


As men we can only paint with the palette of colors that the earth has given us.

We borrow from nature so that you the smoker can “taste the land”

We take great pride in our small company, next time you are in the Miami area please visit our smoker’s den and share a cigar with us