All Cigar Access llc – Pelo de Oro

Made from Pelo de Oro Cuban Ancestral seeds, grown in the Cordillera Central of Costa Rica at 3000 feet in small arroyos. All planting and harvesting are done by hand. By growing at such altitudes we have the luxury of producing a pesticide free sun grown tobacco.

Pelo de Oro is a complex smoke with a perfect balance, full of pepper showing flavors of chocolate, coffee, nutmeg as well as some licorice for a long smooth finish. All vistolas available in the signature pelo de oro wrapper and the maduro.

Cabinet Box of 25

Churchill Pesado               7 x 55          $14.00 SRP

Piramide                            6.5 x 52       $12.00 SRP

Corona                              6 x 44          $ 8.00   SRP

Robusto Gordo                  5 x 52         $ 8.00   SRP

Stubby                               4 x 55          $ 7.00   SRP