Felipe Gregorio


Felipe Power
Made with Ancestral Pelo de Oro Cuban Seed
I am celebrating my 15th anniversary with a premium cigar like nothing the market has ever seen. Introducing the Felipe Power, featuring an exclusive Costa Rican wrapper, derived from ancestral pre-embargo Cuban seed. The variety is Pelo de oro (Golden Hair), and tobacco from these seeds has not been available anywhere—not even Cuba—since before Castro seized power. It turns the clock back 50 years to Cuba’s Golden Age of cigars.

Extraordinary tobacco has been selected for the filler as well. Both Nicaraguan and Piloto Cubano tobaccos are triple-fermented and aged a full 12 years.

Add a Nicaraguan Habana 92 binder and you have a full bodied cigar with a velvet-smooth finish. Felipe Power is handmade in the Dominican Republic and aged in cedar for three months. The opulent taste and aroma, combined with this new an exciting strain of Havana tobacco, is sure to raise the bar in taste and manufacture alike.