The Best Apps for Making Money

Nowadays most people have a mobile phone (or cell phone) and take it everywhere. You’re probably reading this article right now from yours. And surely, you have several applications that you regularly update, or you might even like to discover new ones but did you know that there are applications to earn money and that they are free? Well, don’t worry about the answer, let’s go over this entertaining method with which you can make an extra euro a month in your spare time.

I’ve drawn up a list of apps to make money that I like best, with a brief description of each. Just don’t think you’re going to make astronomical amounts of money. Your earnings will be a few euros a month, which is better than nothing.

Why use these applications

These apps act as intermediaries between businesses and people, and in recent years they have become fashionable for two main reasons.:

  • Companies are allowed to identify in real-time the impact of their products.
  • Users are allowed to earn some money in their free time, quickly and without specialized knowledge.

In short, with these applications we all come out winning: companies get information and users earn money.

How to make money with an app?

Apps to earn money, have different tasks to fulfill and for which you will receive rewards, some actions are:

In every job or work, you will be told the money or points you will earn when you fulfill it. This money or points will be added to your account, and you can redeem it when you reach the minimum required for each company and using the payment you choose.

Eight applications to earn money

These are, for me, the top 10 apps to make extra money. In each image, you can also see the average assessment of users of these apps made on Google Play

  1. Gift Hunter Club

It is a website and an app for making money and is available for Android. You can earn points by watching videos, testing apps, surveys, or contests. These points can be exchanged for PayPal money or gifts. The minimum payment is 2 euros or 2 dollars.

  1. Gelt

Another of my favorite apps to make money off my cell phone is Gelt. Available for Android and iOS.

Unlike the other apps on this list, Gelt collects money that you can then withdraw at an ATM.

  1. Beruby

This cashback website also has an app to make money with your iOS or Android mobile. But in this case, you are reimbursed for your purchases in an online store; it can be a percentage of your total purchase or a fixed amount for a minimum purchase amount.

  1. Cashpirate

With this app available for Android only you also make money with your mobile phone. Unfortunately, it is not available for iOS.

  1. Click and walk

This app is very entertaining and pays you to do missions with photos, videos, or reviews from your home or a shop, simple.

If you want to join the ClicWalkers community, you can do it using your smartphone on Android or iOS, from France, UK, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

  1. Mobile

Another app recommended earning money while shopping, also available for Android and iOS in Spain and other European countries.

  1. Google Opinion Rewards

Surely this application as you know.

  1. Gift Wallet

This is another app you should use to make extra money. Available on iOS and Android.